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This project is a participatory research project using the tool of video-making to show the diversity of alternative food economies which have emerged since the economic crisis, in Thessaloniki.

The aims of the project are:

  • to expose the hidden economies which do not fit into the dominant capitalist model, and which in fact counter or evade it.
  • to work as a group to create videos using techniques such as participatory mapping, collective editing and storyboarding, as well as public film screenings
  • to conduct interviews with people who have been involved in past projects and/or who are currently in the decentralised initiatives in the city about the themes of democracy and autonomy.
  • to balance the celebration of new economies with a healthy level of critique, and work with initiatives to reflect, discuss and act on this.
  • to remain open for participation from food producers, processors, retailers, as well as eater-activists.

For more information on the participatory processes, check out our info pages on participatory mapping and participatory video, as well as a summary of the training. Keep up to date on the stages and progress of the project here. At the moment we are beginning to work through the interview footage and find common themes, analyse and synthesise it together.

Due to the group’s decisions, the project mainly focussed on the themes of KOINSEP, with the specific example of Perisyllogi, the urban community garden, Perka, Refugees and Food, which cuts across other themes, and the ‘lessons learned’ from food movements in the city.

We also have a questionnaire for small producers. As time went on, we found that we knew very little about the current situation of small producers, or what there needs were, so we thought we’d ask. Please share this questionnaire widely!

If you would like to be involved with the project, either with the film-making, discussion groups, film screening and translation and transcription work, then please get in contact.